Collections and Landlord/Tenant Law

Have you stopped receiving payments on the loan you made to an acquaintance?  Has your tenant violated the lease by keeping pets and paying rent late each month?  Getting a judgment in small claims is just the first step in receiving what you are due.  Our experienced attorneys can help you navigate small claims court, garnishments, lease drafting and evictions.

    My tenant did not pay rent last month or this month – what are my options?

  • It depends on the lease and the circumstances.  In all cases, you must go through the proper court proceedings for eviction as Wisconsin does not allow self-help evictions.  In general, if you want to give the tenant a chance to pay the rent and continue renting, you can give her a 5-day notice to cure or vacate.  If you want to terminate her lease no matter what, you can give her a 14-day notice to vacate the property.  If the tenant has not paid or vacated at the end of the noticed period, you can begin an eviction action.  We can advise whether a tenant’s action is a breach of the lease, draft appropriate notices and begin an eviction action.

    • Can I use the security deposit for my tenants unpaid rent and late fee?

  • Yes and no.  The security deposit can be used to cover unpaid rent, but not late fees.   The security deposit can be used only to cover unpaid rent, unpaid utilities, mobile home parking fees and damage or neglect to the unit by the tenant.  Our attorneys can help you determine what costs can be paid with the security deposit and how to recover other unpaid costs.

    • I received a money judgment but have not received payment – what do I do next?

  • You can require the debtor to return a Financial Disclosure Statement to you.  You may then be able to garnish the debtor’s wages or assets to receive the judgment amount.  We can help navigate the garnishment process.