Elder Law and Guardianships

Seniors often have unique needs when considering housing, assistance with activities of daily living, paying for advanced care, and decision-making in case of incapacity.  In that case, you need attorneys with expertise beyond basic estate planning.  We can help you prepare for your advanced years or provide for the needs of elderly parents.

    What is Medical Assistance, also known as Title 19, or Medicaid?

  • Medical Assistance is an entitlement program that provides assistance for medical care to those who qualify.  Seniors who need long term care in their home or in a facility may qualify for Medical Assistance if their assets and income are below a certain level. 

    • What is a special needs trust?

  • A special needs trust, also known as a supplemental needs trust, is an entity that designates a trustee to manage assets for the benefit of a person with a disability.  The special needs trust can be used for the beneficiary’s supplemental needs without disqualifying them for public benefits they may be receiving.

    • Does my loved one need a guardianship?

  • A person may need a guardianship if they are not able to manage their finances or independently care for him or herself.  If the person has powers of attorney, their agent may be able to make decisions on the person’s behalf without the need for a guardian.