Municipal Law

Whether you need to go before a local government entity, or you are in a leadership position in your village, town or city, we can help.  Don’t be left without counsel when you need answers on zoning, land use, ordinances, public records law or any of the other legal issues that come up in your municipality.  Our attorneys can help you prepare applications and negotiate conditional use permits, zoning changes and development agreements.

    I want to use my property in a way not permitted by current zoning – what do I need to do?

  • You’ll need to apply for a conditional use permit or zoning variance from your village, town or city.  You may also need to present your issue in front of the board of the municipality.  We can help you prepare your application and negotiate with the board.

    • I am on my town board and a citizen has made a public records request – what information must be shared and what must be kept confidential?

  • Wisconsin statutes govern what information must be made available to a public records requester.  In general, the government entity must make records available for copying if a responsive record exists when the request is made.  We can help you determine if the request was properly made, what records respond to that request and identify exceptions to the open records policy to ensure that you are fully complying with Wisconsin’s open records laws.