Real Estate

When buying or selling your home, business, vacant or agricultural land, you want to be sure that clear title passes appropriately and efficiently.  We can help draft agreements and closing documents to ensure that transfers are completed correctly so no conflict crops up later.

    How can I be sure there are no liens on the property I want to buy?

  • Title insurance shows how title is currently held, whether there are any liens or encumbrances on the property, any easements on the property, and restrictions on the use of the property from a homeowners or neighborhood association.

    • I am purchasing land from my neighbor and friend.  Do we need an offer to purchase and closing documents, or is a deed good enough?

  • An offer to purchase clarifies what is being transferred, the purchase price and the responsibilities of each party.  A closing statement also defines the purchase and ensures that the purchase price is appropriately allocated among the title company, the county register of deeds, financing entities and the seller.  Clear agreements prevent conflict later in the process.