Here at Vom Sherman we strive to breed only the best of the best German Shepherds. Working to bring back the old fashioned German Shepherds, nice strong straight backs, calm and stable temperaments with the heart of a lion.


Vom Sherman German Shepherds - Females


The female German shepherd should be smaller in size and feminine in structure. You should be able to recognize her gender from distance.
The female may be smaller in size, but the size can be of advantage in her working ability. Female German shepherd have the "pack" instinct. They will be protective of their family more so then males. This instinct will sometimes cause her to be jealous among the other dogs in the household. If the female German shepherd is not intended for breeding, she should be spayed. The female dog is Ideal for a family, will protect her family (her pack)with a much stronger desire then the male.


Vom Sherman German Sheperds - Males


Generally, the German shepherd male is larger in size and more masculine in structure. The size and the masculinity of the male, most often is intimidating to strangers. German shepherd males are generally more territorial of their location. The marking of the territory can be a problem. How-ever, if trained properly, the problem can be controlled. Neutering may help lighten this problem (In our experience neutering the male/s did not alter this territorial marking). German shepherd males are also larger in size and bulk. They will go further to explore their territory when scent of female in heat is near.


New Homes For Our Dogs & Puppies

Vom Shepherd wants to make certain that each of our puppies goes to a loving home. If you are interested in purchasing one of or our puppies, please contact us for more information. We love to visit with our potential owners to make sure that the puppy they want is a good fit for their home and vice versa. Feel free to email us on our site or contact us by phone.

The German Shepherd Dog is respected and admired throughout the world for its versatility, intelligence, and loyalty.

Vom Sherman is here to provide these dogs for you to purchase.

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