Contract Freeze Dry Services from Parker Freeze Dry

FDA-, USDA-, and OSHA-Compliant Contract Freeze Drying Our Clients Can Depend On

Industrial, production, and R&D clients can now outsource their freeze-drying operations without having to purchase, implement, and learn how to use freeze drying units at their facilities.

Other contractors design, or build equipment and help you learn how to use it. Taking it a step further, we handle all the work, so you don’t need on-premise freeze dryer equipment or have to order custom-built freeze dryers. Our contract lyophilization process is safe and effective for use with foods, including freeze-dried fruits and vegetables, coffee, beverages, and ready-made meals. It’s well-suited for applications in the nutraceutical market as well.

Quality Controls That Exceed All Standards

The industrial lyophilizers we design and build are used in the food, pharmaceutical, R&D, and many other sectors. Regarding food and biological, chemical, and physical hazards, we closely follow a Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points system. From allergen prevention to employee training, to facility-wide sanitary operating procedures and internal compliance audits, our processes are structured to reinforce the highest quality standards.

Our clients also benefit from:
A state-of-the-art facility with temperature-controlled, frozen storage systems.
Materials inspections at receiving, dryer loading, and packaging stages.
Storage of finished products in temperature-controlled environments.
Full environmental control preventing product contamination or spoilage.
Regular, thorough cleaning of all industrial/commercial freeze drying equipment.

Parker Freeze Dry Is Committed to Innovation

Clients who leave the work to us benefit from a proven process employing automation and expertise at every level. Our engineers are dedicated to superior design, so the latest freeze-drying systems meet the highest quality and performance standards. The result is a contract freeze drying process clients can depend on regardless of the application.

An investment in the most advanced freeze-drying technology helps, too. This not only gives clients an edge in the type of service they can expect but provides us with an opportunity to improve upon the technologies we employ. We are, therefore, committed to the best possible service and outcomes for our client’s finished products.

Our devotion to constant improvement is evident at every single step. Our engineers continue to find new ways to make freeze drying technology more reliable and efficient. They are tasked with building the most advanced tools and developing the next generation of systems. Clients benefit from the improvements we make because our contract freeze drying services include all the techniques, technology, and steps that yield the best results.

Our services require no in-house:
Investment in equipment.
In-house training for employees.
Personnel with technological expertise.
Equipment maintenance and upkeep.
Production facilities.
Knowledge of compliance and safety standards.
With Parker Freeze Dry’s contract lyophilization service offerings, clients can rely on a proven leader in freeze drying for all R&D, production, and industrial applications. Our experience, innovation, and technical skills are applied to all your freeze-drying needs. For more information about how these services can benefit your business and operations, give us a call.

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