Parker 1 Freeze Dry Machine

Parker 1 Freeze Dry Machine

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Custom Commercial Freeze Dry Machine With ingenuity, quality, and efficiency, the Parker 1 offers a commercial freeze-drying machine that can be customized to meet your specific needs and throughput capacity requirements. In comparison with the Parker 2, this model is smaller and uses less energy.

The Parker 1 Industrial Freeze Dryer Specifications Summary
• Chamber Overall Dimensions: 136″L x 55″W x 71″H
• Number of Carts: 1
• Number of Trays: 42
• Usable Shelf Area: 136.5 Square Feet

Benefits of the Parker 1 Small-Scale Freeze Dryer
Just some of the ways the Parker 1 custom commercial freeze dry machine stands apart from the competition include:
• Each industrial freeze dryer features a graphical overview control system screen and glass door for observation of both the vapor condenser and carts during the drying cycle.
• Our commercial freeze dry system offers full control of vacuum and refrigeration with data logging, as well as remote access for service and trend analysis.
• Our vacuum freeze-drying machines can be customized for products requiring a -60°C vapor condenser temperature and/or aluminum plates which are 20% more efficient than stainless steel.
• Our trained team of engineers are available to assist with installation and staff training on every custom industrial application freeze dry machine.
• Parker Freeze Dry offers one of the only commercial freeze dry systems made in America, to our stringent quality control standards, with a 12-month limited warranty and an unmatched reputation for reliability in the industry.

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Chamber - Over all dimensions
162" x 84" x 96"
Number of Carts - 1
Number of Shelves - 42
Usable Shelf Area - 136.5 Sq Ft
Shelf Dimensions - 26" x 18" x 1"
Shelf Spacing - 1.25"
Shelf Temperature - Ambient - 200°F

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