Parker 10b Freeze Dry Machine

Parker 10b Freeze Dry Machine

Parker 10b Commercial-Sized Dryers - MORE INFO
Purchasing production-sized dryers from Parker Freeze Dry allows you to customize setup and processing temperatures while analyzing results and tracking batch consistency. The 10b model has 1,228 square feet of usable shelf area and a 10-cart capacity to meet the needs of food production, pet food, and medical industries.

Parker 10b Commercial Freeze Dryer Specifications Summary
• Chamber Overall Dimensions: 361″ x 84″ x 98″
• Number of Carts: 10
• Number of Trays: 420
• Usable Shelf Area: 1,228 Square Feet

Versatile Benefits of the Parker 10b Industrial Freeze Dryer
The 10b model is a large-capacity freeze dryer designed for production use and can be customized to meet the needs of any industry. Just some of the features include:
• Stringent quality control standards and testing ensures your industrial vacuum freeze dryer meets your specifications and throughput needs.
• Each industrial freeze dryer system has vacuum pump loop piping, a pneumatic isolating valve, and allows pump exhaust to be vented to your building’s exterior.
• Our freeze dry machine systems make economical use of R507 refrigerant using an air-cooled condenser and aluminum plates in parallel circuits to create a direct expansion refrigerated coil.
• Visibility into your vacuum freeze-drying machine is provided through the glass door panel to monitor carts throughout the drying cycle, while the PLC control system screen offers real-time data and analysis to ensure quality control.
• Our industrial drying equipment offers 304 beaded stainless-steel construction and your choice of aluminum or stainless-steel trays for industry-specific needs.
• This commercial freeze system can be customized for products that require the lower -60°C vapor condenser temperature. • Our engineers will provide installation and employee training services for this large-scale commercial freeze system and it comes with a 12-month limited warranty.
Your facility can take advantage of commercial dryer leasing or freeze dryer rentals in Los Angeles and nationwide, bringing a new freeze dry system into your existing budget.

Brochure - Parker 10b Freeze Dry Machine

Chamber - Over all dimensions - 361" x 84" x 98"
Number of Carts - 10
Number of Shelves - 420
Usable Shelf Area - 1,228 Sq Ft
Shelf Dimensions - 26" x 18" x 1"
Shelf Spacing - 1.25"
Shelf Temperature - Ambient - 200°F
Shelf Heating Rate - Custom - Call for Details
Power Requirement - 208v 3 phase or 480v 3 phase

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