Parker 10d1.1 Freeze Dry Machine

Parker 10d1.1 Freeze Dry Machine

Parker 10d1.1 Industrial Freeze Dryer System - MORE INFO The Parker 10d1.1 is one of our most powerful commercial-sized dryers providing 1,365 square feet of usable shelf area. For custom applications or high-volume food processing such as starters and cultures in cheese, this model offers manufacturers the ability to reduce processing times and defrost times between cycles.

Parker 10d1.1 Commercial Freeze Dryer Specifications Summary
• Overall Chamber Dimensions: 412″ x 106″ x 98″
• Number of Carts: 10
• Number of Shelves: 420
• Usable Shelf Area: 1,365 Square Feet

Benefits of Parker 10d1.1 Commercial-Sized Dryers
The Parker 10d1.1 is a large-scale freeze dryer with advanced control systems, graphical user interface, and the quality construction that sets our freeze-drying equipment apart from the competition. Just some of the advantages of choosing the 10d1.1 freeze dry machine include:
• Our team of engineers will assist with installation and on-site training of staff in the safe and efficient operation of all industrial drying equipment.
• Every freeze dry system passes stringent quality control testing before shipment to ensure it meets your specifications and industry-specific requirements.
• Your purchase of a large- or small-scale freeze dryer is backed by our 12-month limited warranty and our expert service team.
• We offer affordable options including commercial dryer leasing and freeze dryer rental in Los Angeles for all of our freeze dry machine systems.
• Visibility of both the vapor condenser and the carts inside the chamber during operation of your vacuum freeze-drying machine.
• A cooling heat exchanger combined with electric heaters under every tray and cold plate offer lower temperatures and faster defrost of this commercial freeze system.
• The doors, chambers, and hinges of this industrial freeze dryer are made of heavy-duty stainless steel with aluminum shelf modules and your choice of aluminum or stainless-steel trays.
• Processing of products that require an industrial vacuum freeze dryer with a -60°C vapor condenser temperature.
• Customizable technology, system analysis, remote service, and efficient operation that make Parker’s industrial drying equipment the right choice for any large-scale application.

Brochure - Parker 10d1.1 Freeze Dry Machine

Chamber - Over all dimensions - 412" x 106" x 98"
Number of Carts - 10
Number of Shelves - 420
Usable Shelf Area - 1,365 Sq Ft
Shelf Dimensions - 26" x 18" x 1"
Shelf Spacing - 1.25"
Shelf Temperature - Ambient - 200°F
Shelf Heating Rate - Custom - Call for Details
Power Requirement - 208v 3 phase or 480v 3 phase

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