Parker 16 Freeze Dry Machine

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Parker 16 Commercial Freeze-Drying Machine
Parker Freeze Dry engineers, manufactures, and supplies production-sized dryers for commercial applications. One of our most popular commercial-sized dryers, the Parker 16 has a 16-cart capacity and 2,184 square feet of usable shelf area. Featuring shelf dimensions of 26” x 18” x 1” and fitting up to 672 shelves, this commercial freeze-drying machine supports large-scale freeze dryer applications.

The Best in Quality Control The Parker 16 is a lyophilization system designed to preserve a maximum amount of material while sustaining quality and stability of biological products, pharmaceutical drugs, and food goods. It can maintain a shelf temperature from ambient conditions to up to 200°F. Preserving live cultures is therefore more effective.

Thanks to an advanced temperature control system, sublimation and other stages of freeze drying can be precisely managed. The end result is a commercial freeze system that provides repeatable results, from pretreatment to freezing, to primary and secondary drying. Our Parker 16 commercial freeze dryer can reliably preserve pharmaceuticals, proteins, and even biological tissues and plasma, as well as dairy products, fruits, vegetables, meat, and pet foods. It’s also used for dairy starter cultures for cheeses, yogurts, and probiotics.

Transporting and maintaining frozen goods has always been challenging and costly. One of our largest commercial-sized dyers, the Parker 16 reduces cost, storage, and transport challenges. Freeze drying takes time, but this state-of-the-art freeze dry system adds a new level of efficiency to the process.

Our 16-cart capacity Parker 16 freeze dry machine is available now.

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Number of Carts - 16
Number of Shelves - 672
Usable Shelf Area - 2,184 Sq Ft
Shelf Dimensions - 26" x 18" x 1"
Shelf Spacing - 1.25"
Shelf Temperature - Ambient - 200°F
Shelf Heating Rate - Custom - Call for Details
Power Requirement - 208v 3 phase or 480v 3 phase

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