Parker 3 Freeze Dry Machine

Parker 1 Freeze Dry Machine

The Parker 3 Custom Commercial Freeze Dry Machine - MORE INFO
The next step up in the Parker Freeze Dry equipment lineup is the versatile Parker 3 custom industrial application freeze dry machine. This large-capacity freeze dryer will take your business to the top of the industry with customizable settings and increased capacity.

The Parker 3 Commercial Freeze Dryer Specifications Summary
• Chamber Overall Dimensions: 219″L x 82″W x 99″H
• Number of Carts: 3
• Number of Trays: 126
• Usable Shelf Area: 409.5 Square Feet

Advantages of the Parker 3 Custom Industrial Application Freeze Dry Machine
• The Parker 3 commercial freeze-drying machine brings these clear benefits to large- and small-scale freeze dryer processing applications:
• This commercial freeze-drying machine features a purpose-built refrigeration air-cooled condensing unit with capacity control and low temperature refrigerant.
• Every custom commercial freeze dry machine features graphical user control of vacuum and refrigeration cycles with trend analysis and remote service built in.
• Our commercial freeze dry system can be customized to a wide range of industry-specific condenser temperatures and can be ordered with stainless steel or aluminum trays.
• Our highly trained engineers and service personnel are experienced with installation and staff training and can also assist with R&D and future scaling of your commercial freeze system.
• Each industrial vacuum freeze dryer is manufactured in the USA to our exacting quality control standards and comes with a 12-month limited warranty.
• Your custom industrial application freeze dry machine can be ordered to meet your exact specifications and capacity requirements and may be available for lease in the Los Angeles area.

Brochure - Parker 3 Freeze Dry Machine

Chamber - Over all dimensions - 219" x 82" x 99"
Number of Carts - 3
Number of Shelves - 126
Usable Shelf Area - 409.5 Sq. Ft.
Shelf Dimensions - 26" x 18" x 1"
Shelf Spacing - 1.25"
Shelf Temperature - Ambient - 200°F
Shelf Heating Rate Custom - Call for details
Power Requirement - 208v 3 phase or 480v 3 phase

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