Parker 9 Freeze Dry Machine

Parker 9 Freeze Dry Machine

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Parker 9 Large-Capacity Industrial Freeze Dryer System Bring this production-sized freeze dryer online and manage more throughput with more than 1,000 square feet of shelf space and a 9-cart capacity. The Parker 9 has a custom shelf heating rate and options to fit any commercial freeze system application.

Parker 9 Commercial Freeze Dryer Specifications Summary
• Chamber Overall Dimensions: 361″ x 84″ x 97″
• Number of Carts: 9
• Number of Trays: 378
• Usable Shelf Area: 1,228 Square Feet

Benefits of the Parker 9 Large-Capacity Commercial Freeze Dryer
Some of the applications of this production-sized freeze dryer include live cultures, starters and cultures for yogurt, medical supplies and plasma, as well as food products. This unit is an efficient choice for processing large-scale freeze dryer batches with quick cleanup and turnover, and offers these benefits:
• Aluminum shelf modules with optional aluminum or stainless-steel trays and a customized shelf heating rate, a must-have in a large-capacity freeze dryer.
• Doors and hinges are heavy-duty 304 beaded stainless steel with glass panel in the door for observation of condensers and carts during the industrial drying equipment
• Remote access to the fully automated system to control ramp up and heat reduction, vacuum, and refrigeration systems with data analysis, not found in a small-scale freeze dryer.
• Industrial drying equipment vacuum pump exhaust can be vented to the exterior of your building.
• A purpose-built condensing unit in this industrial dryer machine offers capacity control and economical use of refrigerant.
• After the product cycle is complete the hot gas is recirculated for defrosting of accumulated ice, speeding up the next large-capacity drying cycle.
• Our industrial vacuum freeze dryers come with a 12-month limited warranty and a team of engineers to help with installation and staff training on-site.
• We offer affordable commercial dryer leasing options and freeze dryer rental in Los Angeles.

Brochure - Parker 9 Freeze Dry Machine

Chamber - Over all dimensions - 361" x 84" x 97"
Number of Carts - 9
Number of Shelves - 378
Usable Shelf Area - 1,228 Sq Ft
Shelf Dimensions - 26" x 18" x 1"
Shelf Spacing - 1.25"
Shelf Temperature - Ambient - 200°F
Shelf Heating Rate - Custom - Call for Details
Power Requirement - 208v 3 phase or 480v 3 phase

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